Melita use case

Melita wanted to deploy a new, affordable TV platform (hybrid DVB-C and OTT) that would allow the company to position itself alongside state-of-the-art TV experiences. Melita was looking to integrate features like NPVR (network recordings), catch-up, start-over, video-on-demand across multiple platforms (STB, web, iOS, Android) while providing the same user experience.

Time was also a crucial factor: Melita wanted to have the end-to-end TV solution up and running within 6 months.

Simon Montanaro, CTO at Melita: “While video content will continue to play a major role, the distribution channels are becoming increasingly varied and fragmented. This requires flexibility and proactivity from traditional operators, like us. When we decide to do a major upgrade, minimal disruption to customers requires attention to detail and complex logistics.”

Approach Androme
Raf Van Ham, CEO of Androme: “We immediately defined a tight 4-month plan and collected detailed information from the relevant stakeholders. This allowed us to build a step by step action plan.”

Androme defined architectural changes to the platform to adapt to the customer needs. Full speed ahead to do the integration work with existing OSS and BSS platforms from Melita, create services to automatically manage VOD video feeds from an external provider (Vubiquity), EPG conversion from external source (Gracenote), CAS (Verimatrix) integration, RDK STB verification, configuration and branding of the user interface.

Simon Montanaro, CTO at Melita: “What we liked about Androme is that they came in with good references and a flexible platform that would allow Melita to make a big leap in terms of its integrated TV offer.”

Melita felt that it was important to preserve the overall look and feel of their STB and OTT platforms without making it too technically complex. Now, the platforms are streamlined and easier to manage, an important focus point for smaller operators like Melita, Montanaro notes.
Simon Montanaro, CTO at Melita: “Working with the team at Androme continues to be a positive experience. I have a high degree of confidence that problems we encounter will be quickly resolved and that we will have fruitful, long-term relationship between the organizations.”

Raf Van Ham, CEO at Androme: “Melita was highly motivated to go live with an solution in a very short timeframe. We ended up successfully rising to the challenge and delivered the full end-to-end TV solution (hardware, software, integration) scaled to serve more than 100.000 households. We did this in 4 months’ time and went live after a field trial of 3 weeks”

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