Replacement of NOWO’s legacy platforms

In 2017, NOWO, the Portuguese telecommunications operator, still had a back-end legacy platform for approximately 30,000 set-top boxes (STBs). This became problematic, resulting in considerable outages that were affecting the quality of service and the customer experience. A replacement scheme with the latest STBs was not a cost-effective option, so NOWO decided to replace the backend, storage, and streaming platforms. While NOWO had the option to renew its support contract for another year, it saw this as only a postponement of the problem. Time was also a crucial factor: as a result of the support contract deadline, NOWO had 4 months to develop a tailored solution and implement it.

Approach Androme
Break into an existing system without any support from the previous suppliers is always a challenge. Replacing the complete back-end that was delivering replay, VOD and CMS functionality without losing any functionality for the end-users was the ultimate goal. Androme began its work with NOWO with a 2 day boots-on-the-ground session. Alongside stakeholders, we identified the technical, financial and end-user needs and proposed a made-to-measure solution that addressed them.

Ana Maria Teixeira, CTO at NOWO: “The project ran smoothly and we were very satisfied by the performance and support of the Androme team during such a highly complex project.” NOWO’s aim was to reduce the number of legacy technologies and streamline the backend, streaming and storage with the latest platforms. Another objective was to simplify BSS and OSS integration for NOWO. This, according to NOWO, made Androme the natural partner for the collaboration.

Ana Maria Teixeira: “Androme used reverse engineering methodology to navigate the main constraint of the work: maintaining the legacy STBs without performing any kind of firmware upgrade. After 3 days, they had detailed specifications and a timeframe for a customized solution. Only a few days later, Androme was ready to start development and implementation. Proactivity, flexibility, availability, support and timing were the key factors that led us to bring Androme on board for this project. In the end, everything ran according to plan.”

Raf Van Ham, CEO at Androme: “The collaboration with NOWO was productive and efficient. We shared our approach with them about how to integrate the existing 30,000 STBs into the platform without losing any functionality. We successfully delivered the back-end replacement solution (hardware, software, integration) in 3 months’ time.”

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