Next generation TV platform delivers an easy-to-deploy TV platform for telecom operators and broadcasters, offering a fixed and guaranteed time-to-market scenario, including professional services, for resource-effective integration in existing IT systems.’s content-rich UX experience with upselling features increases the ARPU while minimising the churn.

From live TV ingest to network PVR (NPVR), VOD workflow to recommendations, a user-friendly UI for end users to set-top-box (STB) remote management, Android TV to iPhone, is an all-in-one solution that can be configured and implemented in line with the requirements of operators or broadcasters.

In addition to the platform, the Androme team of experts also provides all the services you need to make your TV service a success.

Enhanced TV viewing experience

The operator/broadcaster branded user interface offers users a unique user experience, creating a visually pleasant and natural content discovery interface.

Users are guided through the extensive/rich visual meta data of the available content in a user-friendly manner.’s modern look and feel, delivering a seamless user journey across various devices , delivers an outstanding TV experience. Users receive intelligent recommendations to choose the most appropriate content, based on their own viewing behaviour and taking due account of the viewing behaviour of others. also contains ad mechanisms for the additional promotion of TV content (TV programmes and series, channels, VOD systems, subscriptions).

Carrier grade solution

The platform’s basic functionality comprises Live TV, VOD, catch-up, start-over, local and network PVR (NPVR). This functionality is offered on Android TV and RDK-based set-top boxes, iOS and Android mobile devices and the most used browsers on Windows and Apple PCs and portables. Integrated CAS and DRM systems offer content protection.

Besides this basic functionality, has additional features to maximise the end user’s TV UX using rich meta data content, for EPG and VOD content, as well as an integrated recommendations engine.

The advanced configuration methods in offer multiple options for implementing complex scenarios through a chain of subscription, packages and entitlements.

With over 25 years of experience in the telecom industry offering carrier grade solutions, Androme has developed a scalable and reliable platform with Its many years of experience are also an asset for the fast and seamless integration of EPG and VOD data and to the available/existing OSS and BSS.

Androme’s experienced team also provides boots on the ground to facilitate an optimal integration.

End-to-end, all-in-one TV solution was developed as an all-in-one platform, that relies on fully integrated technological building blocks, thus accelerating the launch of a next generation TV platform. This helps avoid long development cycles for the seamless integration of the modules of various vendors.

What’s more, Androme can also assume final responsibility for the entire solution as a result. Naturally we are always willing to reuse existing components should these offer added value. You can find an overview of the all-in-one end-to-end platform below.

Content Driven

The UI has a content-driven design to allow viewers to find the right TV programmes or VODs (Video on Demand) more easily. It uses far-reaching – visual and textual – metadata – to supply the right content to viewers at a glance, with a visual interface, a universal search function, recommendations and content promoted by the telecom operator or broadcaster.

Feature list

You can find a list of the platform’s main features below:

  • End-to-end all-in-one pre-integrated ecosystem
  • Live TV, catch-up, start-over, TVOD, SVOD, FVOD, NPVR  and local recordings (STB)
  • TV services on Android, iOS, Web and STB on any network: DVB, IPTV, Hybrid, OTT
  • Ecosystem including origin/packager, CDN and encoders
  • Content driven, user centric, optimised UX, consistent experience across devices
  • Push-to-TV: use your mobile device to push content to your TV
  • Upselling through ads, banners and subscription upgrading
  • Google Home integration
  • Chromecast and Airplay support
  • Recommendations to drive TV content consumption
  • 360 degree bookmarks, favourites and reminders
  • Scalable, robust and secure TV platform
  • Carrier grade solution with 24/7 support & maintenance
  • OSS and BSS integration through open APIs
  • Analytics data for analysing viewer behaviour
  • Remote STB management
  • Operator or broadcaster-defined banners, ribbons and recommendations
  • Flexible policy management through subscriptions, packages and entitlements
  • CMS with VOD and EPG metadata editor
  • Multi-DRM (Microsoft PlayReady, Google Widevine and FairPlay Streaming by Apple)
  • CAS integrations with Conax, Nagra, Latens and Verimatrix.

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